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about us

amt (company's full name: shanghai qiyuan technology co., ltd., stock code: 833132) is committed to "becoming a world-class consulting company founded by chinese". after 20 years of offering "management it" consulting services, we have served more than 3000 clients in total. 60% of china's top 100 companies are clients of amt. based on the recognition of amt's services, 70% of our clients sign with us more than once. in the process of continuous and in-depth consulting service from planning to implementation and operation, we have gradually formed the core competence of business model innovation and management improvement driven by information technology, as well as the profound understanding and insight of chinese company management reform and entity industry transformation.

amt always adheres to the concept of "professional, practical, and all for your sake" and takes "creating value for clients" as the core. we continuously provide clients with full services, including “management and technology consulting”, “industrial internet consulting”, “engineering consulting” and “operation outsourcing service”,

in the field of management and technology consulting, amt has 20 years’ experience. we provide clients with services of strategic planning, business model design, digital transformation, organization and human resource optimization, business process optimization and knowledge management, it system planning and implementation, investment and financing reform, to help clients realize their value, transformation and upgrading. for large group companies, we provide siss (business strategy implementation supporting system) with the core of " value realization ". for fast-growing companies, we provide 5a (five steps from amt consulting to accelerate your success )to help them achieve breakthroughs in performance, with our continuous services in 16 sectors . in this digital age, for company transformation and innovation, we put forward a “one body and two wings” model (one body: management it, left wing: enterprise intelligence, right wing: industrial internet) to facilitate companies’ digital transformation and upgrading.

in the field of industrial internet, amt takes the lead in putting forward the methodology of industrial internet transformation, publishing the white paper on industrial internet for three consecutive years. we integrate the resources of industrial internet and build an industrial internet cloud service platform to provide closed-loop services, in full life cycle, for the government, industrial parks and companies. for the leading companies in the industry, we provide full services of industrial internet transformation, including top-level design, it platform construction, and comprehensive operation to help them build an integrated service platform of the industry chain and achieve rapid growth. for regional governments and industrial parks, we provide full services of districts and counties’ industrial cluster transformation and city-industry integration to help regional economy realize transformation and development and build a new economic agglomeration area based on industrial internet. at present, we have nearly 100 successful industrial internet transformation cases in various regions of china.

in the field of engineering consulting, amt has provided services of strategic planning, business process and organization transformation, information planning and it implementation for local medium and large engineering consulting companies since 2009. over the past 10 years, we have served over 200 projects for clients. at the end of 2018, we entered engineering consulting industry, holding shanghai baosteel engineering consulting co., ltd. under the lead of national and local governments’ social and economic development strategies, we focus on the segmentation of iron and steel metallurgy, energy conservation and environment protection, municipal utilities and petrochemical industry. we provide clients with full engineering consulting services of preliminary planning, bidding agency, cost consulting, project management, construction supervision and equipment supervision.

in the field of operation outsourcing, amt provides clients with multiple types of outsourcing services, including information technology solution outsourcing, technician outsourcing, business process outsourcing and human resource service outsourcing, to help them realize their core value. our clients include people's bank of china, bank of communications, ping an bank, industrial bank, guangfa bank, guotai junan securities, everbright securities, shanghai insurance exchange, luzhou laojiao, haier, china mobile, china telecom, shanghai pharmaceutical, china guangdong nuclear, changan automobile, sinochem, etc.

amt is headquartered in shanghai and provides full services in major cities across the country. for further information, please visit the amt website (www.amt.com.cn) or call amt hotline (400-881-2881).