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development path
1998 –'amt research institute of enterprises resource management’ established,  dedicated to advanced management knowledge and information technology research and disseminations
2002 –'amt management consulting co. ltd’ established in shanghai, prc, anchored at ‘management it’ consulting services
2006 – amt ‘strategy implementation supporting system’ (siss) launched, lines of business composites of management consulting, outsourcing services, and information technology provided to a broad range of businesses and industrial sectors
2010 – becoming the first chinese local consulting firm obtained venture capital investments
2012 – amt ‘5-step methodology for acceleration of enterprise growth’ launched and adopted by the markets
2014 – embarking on management information platform and cloud computing service platform
2015 –embarking on investment incubation platform enabled business;meanwhile, amt was publically listed at the national equities exchange and quotations(neeq).