amt talent system

amt is a professional service company with rapid and stable growth. in order to support the rapid development of the company, amt has established a five-eagle talent training system. the 5-step management talent training system of "new eagle (new employee) - flying eagle (project manager) --- strong eagle (performance consultant) --- golden eagle (management cadre) and great eagle (partner)" provides a rapid and large-scale delivery of suitable talents at all levels of the company. "eagle" embodies strength and flight. amt is an ideal, stable and fast-growing enterprise. we also hope amter can continue to break through the ceiling, strike the sky and soar all over the world.

study tour

amt provides senior management talents with overseas study opportunities every year to enjoy world-class experience. 2016, slightly drunk bordeaux - france; in 2017, experience silicon valley - the united states; 2018, exchange and discussion with the father of knowledge management - japan; in 2019, towards the world's first-class experience - the netherlands, let's start to the world together……

campus recruitment

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engineering consulting

position location department