management and it consulting

provide customers with comprehensive services from internal management to industrial internet transformation, including digital transformation, strategic planning, business model design, organizational mechanism and human resource optimization, business process optimization and knowledge management, it strategic planning and implementation, comprehensive operation of cloud services, investment and financing restructuring and other comprehensive and continuous services in the whole chain, effectively help customers realize transformation and upgrading.

strategic consulting

14th five year plan

amt has provided "12th five year plan" and "13th five year plan" development planning consulting services for many customers of government departments, enterprises and institutions. for the "14th five year plan", amt has started to help many customers carry out the planning, subject and preparation of relevant development plans since last year.

enterprise strategy

define the strategic opportunities of the enterprise, foresee, design and implement these strategies, to create value for customer; amt provides strategic consulting services to customers from the aspects of industry services, business unit strategy, corporate financing, corporate strategy, digital strategy, executive transformation, growth and innovation, m & a, regulatory strategy, and global trends.

digital strategy

enterprise oriented, digital enabling core competence

information technology strategy

according to the strategic needs of enterprises, clarify the vision and mission of enterprise informatization, define the development direction of enterprise informatization and the role of enterprise informatization to achieve the enterprise strategy.

sales strategy and customer service strategy

provide services from the following topics: consumer insight and analysis, customer experience and loyalty, digital marketing and multi-channel, marketing and brand strategy, marketing organization and operation, pricing and sales.

talent and organizational performance strategy

improve the performance of personnel within the organization, to create enterprise value.

supply chain strategy

combine advanced digital technology, professional knowledge, industry indicators and databases to create supply chain management capabilities covering suppliers, production, logistics and customers.

management consulting

business model transformation of various industries

help enterprises change from traditional activity-centered services to value maximization oriented services, to achieve higher returns in a shorter time

business function transformation

financial outsourcing center; it service center outsourcing; it operation and maintenance outsourcing

financial and corporate performance

define the key issues in financial management, formulate strategic direction and successfully realize complex changes;

procurement management

design strategic procurement methods, comprehensively consider important factors such as skill transfer, talent management, cultural change and capacity-building, and help customers become procurement leaders. at the same time, it provides customers with skill packages such as global procurement, negotiation skills, organization design, risk management, commodity strategic procurement, supplier selection and management.

supply chain management

establish an effective supply chain to improve customer service, align with relevant enterprises and constantly open up new channels

supply chain management talent and organization

provide consulting services in talent management, organizational design, culture, change management, human resource analysis and technology, leadership, etc.

sales and customer service

provide services from the following topics: consumer insight and analysis, customer experience and loyalty, digital marketing and multi-channel, marketing and brand strategy, marketing organization and operation, pricing and sales

r & d management

r & d management covers the whole life cycle of products to help customers improve the success rate of product r & d from the generation of product creativity, product concept formation, product market research, product design, product realization, product development, product testing, product release and other processes

process management

establish process framework planning for enterprises and institutions, sort out and optimize key processes, establish form templates and standards for business operation, integrate management system, establish long-term process mechanism, train professionals in process management, model and e-process, provide suggestions on e-process requirements, and implemented in it system.

knowledge management

amt can build a knowledge management system for enterprises on demand, and can integrate with different types of application systems to help enterprises' knowledge management practice from concept to information system. knowledge management operation outsourcing: help enterprises to carry out the continuous operation of knowledge management and ensure the in-depth implementation of knowledge management

technical consulting

it strategic planning (application, data, technology)

form application and infrastructure architecture and data architecture; clarify the implementation path of it projects; investment estimation of it projects; clarify it positioning, organization, process and human resources allocation to ensure the implementation of it planning

it procurement

procurement of it solutions, products, services and suppliers

it supervision

supervise the quality, progress and investment of information system engineering, manage project contracts and documents, coordinate the working relationship between relevant units, and ensure the compliance of procedures

it assessment and continuous improvement

it assessment and continuous improvement

it assessment and continuous improvement

private network vpc, load balancing, nat gateway, elastic public ip, private network access

private network vpc, load balancing, nat gateway, elastic public ip, private network access

enterprise it infrastructure outsourcing

enterprise it infrastructure outsourcing

enterprise it infrastructure outsourcing

by helping customers in big data, cloud computing, internet of things, mobile technology, ai, network security and large-scale architecture digital transformation, we define and shape customers' digital strategies, develop customers' digital capabilities, create breakthrough value through new businesses and services.

digital consumer experience (design and innovation)

user consumption value design, new retail model design, full channel scenario design, smart store construction, commodity and business integration, and information system upgrading

digital marketing

help customers formulate and deploy digital marketing strategies to ensure that they are always at the forefront of the industry. help enterprises use customer insight to improve the marketing effect and customer experience of all channels, improve brand value for customers, strengthen contact with customers and stimulate customers' purchase behavior by creating customer-centered marketing activities.

digital content management

effectively manage the organization's digital assets and create the value of digital assets for the organization

digital consumer services

content creation and effect detection, user operation, user data analysis

digital supply chain, manufacturing and operation

the supply chain, manufacturing and operation links are transformed and upgraded through digital technology to support the strategic transformation of enterprises

digital technology


help enterprises use ai to promote the intelligent remodeling of workflow and technology.

big data

rapid processing of massive structured and unstructured data through the latest big data processing technology, so as to create new value for the organization

cloud computing (iaas, paas, saas)

cloud strategy, hybrid cloud and cloud security (integrate local and cloud resources to improve security); improve enterprise operation efficiency and reduce storage and infrastructure costs;

internet of things

capture the data of the physical world through various sensors, and then help enterprises optimize production processes and provide operation efficiency through the analysis and application of these data. with the help of the internet of things, enterprises can continuously perceive the needs of customers, create new service modes and promote business growth; help enterprises transform from traditional enterprises to intelligent services.

mobile technology

help build mobile technology framework, develop mobile application app and message application


financial services infrastructure, supply chain, digital authentication, data security, data tamper proof

safety technology

infrastructure and terminal security, identity and access management, data and application security, security strategy, risk and compliance services

system application service


user requirement analysis, product procurement, system implementation and maintenance services

software engineering and development

software customization, development services, system architecture design

application lifecycle

through requirement analysis, architecture design, function design, system development, system implementation, system operation and maintenance and other comprehensive services, the application is managed in the whole life cycle.

security services

safety consulting

integrate international and domestic standards, policy requirements and practical optimization experience to build a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated dynamic information security system for customers to continuously ensure customer safety.

network security

for the traditional data center network, server, storage equipment and security equipment, provide integrated services of equipment and solutions from multiple security manufacturers according to the security requirements such as hierarchical protection and the actual needs of operation and maintenance management.

terminal security management

terminal security protection, access control, terminal operation and maintenance management, mobile device security management

application security and data security management

compliance inspection and security configuration management, key server protection and audit, server operation and maintenance management, virtual machine security audit services; leak proof dlp, mail security gateway, web security gateway

secure hosting

enterprises outsource the security operation and maintenance of computer rooms, network equipment, servers and information systems to amt to provide professional information security services