operation outsourcing services

the operation outsourcing section (oos) of shanghai qiyuan technology co., ltd. provides customers with various types of outsourcing services, including information technology solution outsourcing, technical personnel outsourcing, business process outsourcing and human resource service outsourcing, to help customers realize their core values.

it solution outsourcing

amt enterprise source information technology solutions mainly focus on the financial internet (mobile internet) and customer experience. in the field of financial internet technology, after years of experience accumulation, the company has built a system technology framework based on unified portal, unified user, unified security, unified content, unified application and unified data based on the concept of micro service, forming a unique six platform unified service system in the field of financial internet technology, assist customers to build multi-form and multi-channel financial internet applications based on pc, mobile, wechat and other forms quickly, flexibly and safely. our internet (mobile internet) solutions are suitable for retail finance large scale applications in the field of (bank credit card, consumer finance, online securities brokerage services, etc.), specific products or service scenarios include but are not limited to portal system, financial mall system, online customer acquisition system, equity platform, super account system, unified authentication system, online card issuing system, user service platform, social platform, marketing activity platform and o2o activity platform, app promotion and message center system, financial service platform, wechat service system, etc.

it personnel outsourcing

amt enterprise source provides various customized technical personnel outsourcing services for customers in the financial industry and other industries, helps customers realize the rapid response of technology to business, and improves the efficiency of technology r & d.

business operation outsourcing

with profound technical experience and industry accumulation, amt helps customers improve efficiency, control costs and focus on improving the core competitiveness of the industry by providing first-class business process outsourcing (bpo) services.

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