velcro product architecture

development process of product architecture: velcro software platform has been independently developed since 2002; velcro software has developed for more than 20 years. now it is j2ee architecture and is planning to develop to micro service architecture in the future.

velcro software platform solutions

velcro bpm

enforce high collaboration among application modules

velcro v-workflow engine platform is the backbone of the entire collaboration platform. it builds connection between all the application modules. it enables companies to customize the process applications based on their operating and management model.

international standard workflow engine architecture

velcro v-workflow engine platform complies with the workflow model and five interface by workflow management coalition (wfmc). it is featured with service oriented architecture (soa). and it incorporates best practices and experiences of 20000 corporate clients. this architecture helps clients quickly build workflows in line with their business rules to enforce standardized management.

flexible configuration and multi-system integration

v-workflow engine platform enables to flexibly customize sheets that allow you to quickly configure various workflows to improve implementation efficiency and reduce development costs. with powerful workflow modeling and multi-system integration capability, it can integrate other heterogeneous systems of enterprise and construct real-time workflow management platform when it satisfies the needs of business workflow automation management.

v-workflow engine platform enables flexible customization of forms and free configuration of work processes. it improves implementation efficiency and reduces development cost. it's able to integrate with heterogeneous systems with its powerful process modeling and integration capability. it not only enables business processes automation but also establishes process control platforms for different governance models.

logical architecture of workflow engine platform

technical features of workflow engine platform

application field of workflow engine platform

it's widely used is various scenarios both for internal staff (decision maker/managerial level/execution level) and external partners (clients/suppliers/distributors). it truly helps improve operating efficiency and standardize the management.


all-round mobile office

v-mobile supports instant work message reminding and quick retrieval of contact information. all office applications on the pc end can be used on the mobile phone, allowing employees to truly work from the mobile end.

enhance collaboration

v-mobile helps employees to effectively communicate and collaborate, and establish an enterprise knowledge base. workflow management function helps to standardize business approvals and the knowledge management function helps enterprise employees to precipitate information and to share knowledge.

deepen system integration

v-mobile helps to deepen enterprises' internal system. through one mobile app, services including personnel management, contracts and reimbursement management can be processed, data can be acquired anytime and the work efficiency will be improved.

technical features of mobile officing platform

key features of mobile officing platform

it's widely used is various scenarios both for internal staff (decision maker/managerial level/execution level) and external partners (clients/suppliers/distributors). it truly helps improve operating efficiency and standardize the management.

velcro km

a series of front-end applications

provide a series of applications including document multi-level management, k-map display and mobile document management to support the enterprise's activities in knowledge accumulation, sharing, utilization and innovation.

powerful back-end support

provide powerful back-end support including multi-directory setting, document storage, multi-authorization control, full text search, security control and information integration to ensure the real-time management of front-end applications.

flexible mobile adaptability

provide a mobile adaptable architecture in the era of mobile connectivity, adaptable to various mobile devices as well as pc , to ensure flexible use of content management applications in the mobile terminals.

v-km logical framwork structure

technical features

application fields

from organization perspective, v-km engine portal enables knowledge management that fits in with the business features and requirements. from employee perspective, it provides a powerful tool for individual work and management.

digital identity:accessmatrix introduction

identity and access management, versatile authentication and sso platform

universal identity management platform (uim): automatically add, delete, modify and check user accounts, and realize full life cycle management for all types of user accounts

universal authentication platform (uas): realize two factor authentication and improve the login security of business system

universal single sign on (uso): use ai password memory mode to log in to the business system uniformly without interface modification

universal access management (uam): use the interface transformation method to uniformly log in to the business system and improve the user experience

universal voucher management (ucm): manage the it infrastructure operation and maintenance account throughout its life cycle

integrated business model

accessmatrix™ isa provides common security services to provide centeral management for all applications. it provide many ways to help customer to integrate various applications via one common security platform. it can simply operations , reduce the cost with best service.

identitys consolidation

identidy life cycle management will create a master identity store via way of "dispersing to centralize" . it will unifies the user account and password info originally dispersed in each applications to the master store and will be managed centrally. it will provide user identity info for all application atuomatically. database for information systems. it will be an unified user identity standards for applications.

si : help your business - connect

server and service

server purchase and service can provide the sales of world-famous hp, ibm, huawei, inspur, dell, lenovo and other brand servers, as well as a series of effective technical support and hardware maintenance. it can help your enterprise plan, deploy and manage the information infrastructure environment through easy to purchase and use service options.

storage and service

from computer network and enterprise it center infrastructure to information management construction and services such as traffic, bandwidth and system configuration, amt provides enterprises with appropriate network equipment and operation and maintenance services, so that the infrastructure can better support the business potential of enterprises.

network and service

the purchase and service of amt storage devices can provide the sales of world-famous netapp, lenovo and other brand storage devices, as well as a series of effective technical support and hardware maintenance. through easy to purchase and use service options, it can help your enterprise plan, deploy and manage the information infrastructure environment.

qualifications and patents obtained by amt

certificate of high tech enterprise

industrialization and information integration management system standard implementation recommendation consulting service organization

qualification certificate of information system engineering supervision unit

qualification certificate of communication and information engineering consulting unit

software enterprise certificate

human resources service license

gb/t19001-2008/iso9001:2008certificate of quality management system certification

computer information system integration enterprise qualification

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velcro success story